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Text Messages from the Government Posted on 24 Mar 2020

We have received some calls from patients confused with regards to a text message received . Please note that the text message looks like the image below.

example of a text message

This text has automatically been sent to the public and IS NOT from your GP practice. This text message allows you to click on a link to view a host of useful information regarding COVID19.

We have been advised that those patients that fall into the main high risk categories will be contacted directly by the NHS. Your GP Practice will be sending messages to those patients that are recommended which will include poorly controlled diabetics, COPD and asthmatics who have required hospitalisation, significant heart failure, those who have had a splenectomy and patients that who take immunosuppressants that are NOT in the high risk categories determined by the Government.

This is currently being worked on by the surgery but please be patient with us. We will send a message to those on our list as soon as possible but we have over 7000 patients and have staff shortages at present due to self isolation.

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